Uniform Logo

Your company logos can be applied on Uniforms purchased from our Inventory.


KONTRA has entered into an agreement with an Oregon-based facility that can add logos to your Uniforms by embroidery. 

We offer two solutions for adding your company logo to your new Fire Retardant & Arc Rated Uniforms.



Adding Logo Order by Order
The minimum order is 24 pieces (split between Uniform styles and sizes). 
Logo Costs:  Shirts and Sweatshirts $8.00 per piece.  Jackets $15.00 per piece.  
Invoicing:  Same day as the order is placed.

Delivery time: Ten Business days.


Uniforms manufactured with your Company Logo (ready to order)

Based on a Supply Agreement, we manufacture your selected Uniforms with your company logo and store them at our Warehouse and Distribution Facility for immediate ordering & shipping.  This option provides your company with the following benefits:

  1. Instant availability of your selected Uniforms with logos
  2. Immediate shipments of your selected Uniforms with logos within one Business Day
  3. Logo Costs are waived
  4. Consolidated Invoicing by the end of each Month for Uniforms shipped during that month

The recommendation for embroidery or print on Fire Retardant & Arc Rated Uniforms is here briefly described:

ArcWear, the leading expert in Arc Flash testing and certification, has performed 165 accident investigations on Arc Rated clothing with Non-Fire Retardant embroideries or print. 

ArcWear is unaware of any ignition issues (for Non-Fire Retardant embroideries or print), but there is a risk of burn due to a buildup of moisture (sweat) behind logos.  Consequently, logos are recommended to be smaller (less than 16 square inches for a single logo and less than 40 square inches for a whole garment). 


The current OSHA Rule 1910.269 for Fire Retardant & Arc Rated Uniforms does not require the use of Fire Retardant thread for embroideries. 

Regardless, KONTRA uses Fire Retardant embroidery thread from the world-renowned brand MADEIRA to the extent that the color is available as Fire Retardant.