ASTM F1506 - Testing

The purpose of the development of ASTM F1506 was to set performance specifications for protective apparel.

Testing according to ASTM F1506, of materials used in production of Fire Retardant and Arc Rated Uniforms, is required for compliance with the NFPA 70E.

The materials are also tested to ASTM F1959, in order to receive an Arc Rating or ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value).

KONTRA exclusively offers Fire Retardant & Arc Rated Uniforms with  ATPV  8.0 cal/cm2, conforming with the criteria of CAT2, CAT3 or CAT4 categories.

Woven fabrics should be tested to the following methods, in order to meet the minimum requirements of ASTM F1506:

ASTM F1959 Arc Flash
ASTM D6413 Flammability Initially and after 25 Wash Cycles
AATCC 61-2A Colorfastness
ASTM D5034 Breaking Strength
ASTM D1424 Elmendor Tear