Comply with the latest OSHA Rule 1910.269

In 2014 OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, announced a final Rule OSHA 1910.269 to update protection requirements for workers performing construction or maintenance at power plants or on power lines, closing out more than a decade of rule making.


The new final Rule applies to general industry employers. The Rule primarily affects companies “that construct, operate, maintain, or repair electric power generation, transmission, or distribution installations”. It also covers companies “that own or operate their own electric power generation, transmission, or distribution installations as a secondary part of their business operations”.

Among the significant changes, according to OSHA, are:

  • Host and contract employers must share information on safety matters and coordinate their work rules and procedures.
  • Employers must provide protective equipment (Uniforms) to workers exposed to electrical hazards from electrical arcs.

KONTRA will help your company complying with the updated OSHA Rule, by supplying Uniforms conforming to these new OSHA electrical safety standards.